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Description. This article is from the Antique Radios And Phonographs FAQ, by Hank van Cleef vancleef@netcom with numerous contributions by others.. 49 Dating Old Radios By Their Tube Complement

Frequently Asked Questions about Antique Radios And Phonographs. ... 53 Dating Old Radios By Their Tube Complement: p1 Older radios

How to Identify Old Radios. You've just acquired an old radio, but apart from the manufacturer's name on the front, you don't know a blessed thing about it.

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Why Replace Capacitors? Second only to power cords, capacitors are the most failure-prone components in old radios and televisions. In a professional overhaul, it is common to replace all of a set's large electrolytic capacitors and small paper capacitors.

Radiometric dating or radioactive dating is a technique used to date materials such as rocks or ... This scheme is used to date old igneous and metamorphic rocks, ...

Dating a vintage radio is not always easy. But the guesswork can be taken away by becoming knowledgeable in a handful of design aspects.

In addition, we have models and chassis information dating back to 1927, and as recent as 1949! ... The letter indicated the type of radio, ...

Shop for-and learn about-Antique and Vintage Philco Radios. The Philadelphia Storage Battery Company was organized from the Helios Manufacturing Company in...

You'll also find vintage television sets as well as links to old time radio programs inside these pages. Enjoy! Contact Antique Radios.

Radiocarbon dating (also referred to as ... Contamination is of particular concern when dating very old material obtained from archaeological excavations and great ...

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My collecting of antique radios is a passion that was ignited back when I was a small boy. My grandparents had a nice Zenith black-dial console, ...

Shop for-and learn about-Antique and Vintage Bakelite and Catalin Radios. When many people think of plastic Art Deco radios, the word Bakelite immediately...

Dating old Radios People are often keen to know when a domestic radio was made. ... Radiograms were introduced, remaining popular until the 1960s.

Tune Into Old Radios ... dating from the 1940s to 1950s are generally smaller than their older counterparts and have seven to nine pins. Restoring Old Radios

While this list of links isn't the Internet's most ... (Old radios in the hills of North ... (Bob Green's collection of QSL cards dating from the mid ...

Is there a way to know when this particular capacitor was made? If not, over what timespan were orange drops manufactured under the Mallory name?

Any charcoal or wood sample that is carbon dated will have an apparent age. The "old wood" effect should be taken into account to avoid wrong conclusions when linking materials to event and context.

The Radio Attic's Archives are the internet's best resource for identifying antique radios. 13,431 unique identified antique radios, plus amateur radio gear, vintage audio, and test equipment!

Dating Vintage Guitars and Amps by Source-Date Code. 03 ... And many people ask me to try and determine the year of their old amplifier ... 273 = Radio Condensor ...

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Model numbers, colors, and names for 1950 - 1956 Crosley radios, courtesy of Greg Tierney. For questions on 50s Crosleys, contact Greg Tierney at: afabcon@choice.net

The most collectible vintage transistor radios were made in America from 1955-1960 and Japan from 1956-1963; here are some of the most desirable examples.

Dating your radio. I have had quite a few enquiries concerning old radios, their age and value. As these are things that I would like to know as well I have started assembling another page including the results of my searches on the internet and old books.

A common problem is collectors have is establishing how old sets really are. No dating method can ever be exact, apart from referring to records from the time (such as service data publications), because different manufacturers may have taken different periods of time to update their tuning scales or utilise the latest valves.

A Guide to Zenith Model Numbers The Black Dial Era (1936-1949) by Blake Deitze This article appeared in the Winter 1996 issue of The Reproducer, the journal of The Vintage Radio & Phonograph Society, and is reprinted here with permission of Blake Deitze.

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